Build Better Connection with Lead And Customer


Build a customer platform to drive loyalty

Customers want a seamless experience with their brand wherever and whenever they engage. You need a platform that allows your company to do that and innovate in your own way. The Salesinfusion platform makes it easy to create personalised experiences that build loyalty throughout the customer life cycle.


Open new lines of communication

For today’s communications customers, there’s no separation between networks, devices, and content. They expect personalised service at every step. Time Warner Cable uses Salesinfusion to give its reps fast, easy access to the information they need to provide a more cohesive customer experience.

Financial Services

Financial service has a new standard

The Financial Services industry is more competitive than ever. Salesinfusion provides the industry expertise and technology solutions that give you an advantage. Using Salesinfusion, Platinum Direct Finance is able to deliver the best possible customer experience, closing deals faster and more efficiently

Health care

Personalised treatment is the key to loyalty

Health care consumers are loyal to companies who become involved, informed partners in their health journey. Health plans like Blue Shield of California are using Salesinfusion to reach customers in new ways, while making information from patients, plan administrators, and physicians more accessible.

High Tech

Build stronger customer connections

The tech industry leads the charge when it comes to adopting new ways to help businesses evolve quickly. That’s why the most innovative high-tech companies are becoming Social Enterprises discovering opportunities to connect with customers and employees like never before.

Life Sciences

Accelerate innovation. Improve patient care

Salesinfusion lets companies manage information and automate processes so they can more efficiently serve physicians, patients, and insurance companies. When everyone is aligned, patients can get help faster than ever before.


Build stronger customer relationships

From the assembly line to the store shelf, today’s successful manufacturers are connecting employees, suppliers, partners and even their products to put customers at the forefront. Evolving technologies like social and mobile are creating new opportunities to build relationships and deliver experiences that surprise and delight customers like never before.


Give audiences what they want, when and where they want it.

People know what they like. It’s up to you to deliver it where and when they want it, or risk getting tuned out. Salesinfusion has helped businesses like the Financial Times build 1:1 relationships with consumers by engaging them wherever they are.

Public Sector

Become a connected Agency.

Connect citizens and governments for the 21st century. A truly connected government is citizen-centric and builds connections between citizens, employees, governments and services.


The rules of customer engagement have changed.

Technology has created more informed, more connected customers who are no longer loyal to a brand, but to an experience across channels. Salesinfusion has helped companies like Westfield develop real-time connections with customers, deepening loyalty and creating new business opportunities.